Holli B. photography is made up of a fun mix of super talented people… Holli, Sarah and Taylor.
I (Holli) have been shooting weddings full time for over 8 years. I have an art degree from the University of Oklahoma and started my photography journey studying film even before it was cool. Even after photographing hundreds of weddings, I still am not tired of wedding cake!

I met Taylor in year two of my business when I photographed Taylors engagement, bridals and wedding day. We decided we liked each other a whole lot and we could definitely use some extra help editing, designing and assisting so I somehow talked Taylor into leaving her graphic design job to come on staff in 2008. Taylor began assisting me at weddings and photographed over 60 weddings by my side. After 3 full years of training Taylor at weddings Taylor starting shooting weddings on her own and became an associate photographer. Taylor has now photographed weddings as the lead shooter for 4 wedding seasons. She eats french fries on the way to every single wedding. Taylor and her husband David have two adorable children, Ellie and Ben!

Sarah has a degree in photography, awesome vintage style and is the one with the cute, curly black hair.  (Yes, it always looks this good…) Sarah began her journey at photography school in Kansas. After meeting her husband, getting married and moving to Oklahoma she started her own photography business back in 2008. Sarah and I met at church and became close friends during a small group. After several long conversations of determining we were both running the same business with different names we merged our businesses together in 2009 to be able to accomplish the same goals. Sarah has been shooting weddings under HolliB photography for over 4 years now. Sarah recently added a new addition to her family… a sweet little baby named Abe!

We didnt set out to be a busy photography studio with associate photographers. It happened rather organically and it has been the biggest blessing! Working alongside people who share common goals, have families, live their lives similarly, value photography and love Jesus is such an honor. I am not sure how I ever ran a business without my associates! Wedding days are VERY important days to us and having three people on staff makes us feel confident that if anything were to arise on a wedding day (it has NEVER happened to date) there are three photography teams that could step in at any time.

We work together, we play together, we hang out together. Life is good.

We value a relational approach to wedding photography and feel like the right clients come our way for a reason. We want to get to know who you are, what you are in to, and what you value in life. We feel like knowing you as people helps your images feel real and authentic. Anyone can take a cute couple to a pretty location and make it look okay- but we want your images to reflect who you are and what your love story was at that point in your lives. Its a big deal to us, and we take it very seriously.

After being in the wedding industry for 8+ years we have found ways to help make our clients wedding day go as smooth and stress free as possible. At least one of us is shooting a wedding most weekends of the year and have experienced just about every possible wedding scenario you can think of! (ALL electricity going out at the ceremony and reception location? Yep, we’ve been there!) We have also worked hard to set up detailed timelines and systems so that our brides have our help in planning the most special day of their lives. Our clients have quickly learned that they can trust us with our creativity, experience, and professionalism and spend their time enjoying their wedding day! Since trust is a valuable part of what we do most of our wedding clients continue to choose us to document their other big days, such as births and family portraits. We love watching our clients families grow and documenting each and every special moments in their lives! We are so grateful for getting to do what we love!

You can read more about each of us personally by clicking on Holli, Taylor or Sarah…..

We also have three AMAZING second shooters/coffee getters/assistants/designers/interns/bloggers/editors/errand runners/and most importantly friends… Kim, Kelly and not pictured but equally amazing… Whitney. They do so much for us behind the scenes and we are SO thankful for them!