about Holli…

This is the short story of my whole life.
I grew up in a small, one stoplight, town in Oklahoma. I met my future husband at the ripe old age of 14. We watched a lot of movies on my couch with my parents until he was able to take me on a date at 16!  He told me on our first date that he wanted to be a professional baseball player and I told him I would never marry a ballplayer. We were high school sweethearts thru all of high school and half of college until we got married in 2000 in Charleston, South Carolina. Lets just say that he proved me wrong ;)

We lived our lives playing professional baseball all over the country for most of our twenties. I have seen more baseball games than is almost humanly possible traveling the U.S. with him for 8 years. I was always the “wife with the camera” documenting all of the fun places we played and the people we met. Somewhere in the middle of that we had two babies and they were raised in ballparks across America. Our son Jax, learned to hit ketchup packets with a plastic bat thrown in the air at the tender age of 22 months. Our feisty daughter Haven, wanted to be sung the national anthem at bedtime. Having babies only deepened my love for photography. It allowed me to capture all of their quirks and characteristics and document all of the places they visited because they were too young to remember.


 We traveled together and experienced pro baseball for 8 years until the Lord had other plans for us. The door was opened for my photography business to explode before our very eyes. I fell in love with shooting weddings from the very beginning and have specialized in them from the very beginning. I handmade a website and booked photographed 40+ weddings my very first year. That same year my husband was traded (again) and he was ready to retire. Our son was starting school and it was going to be impossible for me to travel with him. It just made sense for him to retire from baseball and us start a new story. Fast forward to now and both of our kids are in school and my hubby is a high school softball coach. He still makes me laugh out loud every single day, makes me coffee every morning, and I know one thing to be true-no one looks better in baseball pants!

And now, after 12 full years in this industry, and over 300 + weddings later, I continue to devote myself to wedding photography. Because I love people and their stories and how each and every one of them is unique and beautiful. Our clients become our friends and we are so grateful to continue friendships with them even after the wedding day is over. We do not do any advertising and spend very little time on social media, so our business is solely run on referrals from happy clients. We love seeing our past clients again as they start families so we also photograph a small number of newborn sessions every year. I am so blessed to be able to call this work when I love it so much.

a few more random things about me… I love Jesus. He is the foundation of my marriage, business and my sanity.  I am passionate about intentionally raising our kids. My back porch is my happy place.  I cook dinner almost every single night.  I am a University of Oklahoma alum. I believe my salsa could win a county fair contest… and my chocolate chip cookies. A few years ago we finished building our farmhouse in the middle of nowhere and have fallen in love with cows. I love doing shoots at my farm and having clients over to experience our slow, simple, small town life.

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