about Taylor…

I started working for Holli B Photography in December of 2008. I didn’t set out to be a wedding photographer, but I know it is what the Lord created me to do. I’ve always been the artistic type, but with a strong “do the practical thing” mindset that usually seems to take over. So instead of pursuing my creative genius, I tried to do the most logical thing, which meant graduating and finding a stable job and starting an IRA. However, I am grateful to serve a God who will not allow us to settle into less than He designed us to be, which is why I find myself eating large quantities of wedding cake on Saturdays.

taybridalsHolli and I met at my own wedding consultation, when I wanted to book her as our photographer. I was the bride who had NO idea what I wanted my wedding to look like. I had never owned a bridal magazine and really didn’t know where to start with the planning. I did know that I wanted to get married outdoors in Norman and have an excellent photographer to capture all of our memories. So I met with Holli in February of 2008.  We talked about Young Life, Jesus, baseball, photography and weddings. As I left, I called my dad and told him we had to book her (#bestdecisionever) As far as our wedding goes it rained on the wedding day, but we still took pictures outside, and I got red lipstick on the bottom front of my dress before our “first look”, but no one noticed and it never showed up in a picture.

When I had graduated in 2007, I was working for a small (and incredibly talented) sports graphic design firm. I had been there since the middle of my senior year of college. I enjoyed the people I worked with, but was growing restless doing work that didn’t make me come alive. Holli and I had remained good friends since our wedding. David and I attended their church and we hung out often. (I think we became besties at our engagement shoot, when I borrowed her lip gloss.) Within six months of our wedding, my dream had come true, Holli asked me to assist her at a small wedding. And by that following wedding season, I was Holli’s official assistant photographer. I ended up quitting my job and decided to faithfully trust that the Lord would provide. I started my own graphic design business where I designed wedding invitations, birth announcements and all kinds of “pretties”.  Meanwhile, Holli was graciously teaching me everything she knew about photography. And then after two full seasons of assisting,  Holli asked me to be an associate photographer and shoot my own weddings. And here we are seven years later.

skiMy husband, David works as an Events Manager at the OKC All Sports Association, where he is living his dream of planning sporting events daily. He loves working out, watching Parks and Rec and building me things that I find on pinterest (#marryacarpenter) He is the best dad and loves to make our kiddos laugh. We have three beautiful children that were all brought into this world after many hours of natural labor. That was, by far, the hardest three things I have ever done, but I loved every second. I’m competitive by nature and as stubborn as a mule, which worked out well for natural labors, but sometimes this combo doesn’t turn out in my best interest. Back in 2006, I fainted while running the OKC Memorial full marathon. Woke up the next day in the ICU. It wasn’t pretty. And then again in 2007, I had another heat stroke while running the half marathon, again spending multiple days in the hospital.

We are in love with our church, Antioch Community and have the best community of people who love Jesus and love people well. Really, we are spoiled, these people love us like family.  We could not survive without the community God has put around us. We are constantly inspired to love without conditions, to serve more joyfully and to give in abundance. We have a long way to go in these areas, but are so thankful for the grace of God in our lives.

There are so many details about my life that I have left out and stories that I could tell, but just to fill in a few of the gaps, I’ll leave you with this: born in western OK, grew up in “The Flo Mo” (North of Dallas), was a Young Life leader for five years and a Kanakuk Kounselor for two summers, worked as a rollerskating carhop at Sonic and I will never  pass up a game of dodge-ball.