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Terrance and I are so pleased with the pictures. I asked him if I could print all of them and he said no… but they all deserve to be printed; they are beautiful!!
Also, this might not be a compliment you get very often but Terrance and I decided that it needed to be said. Terrance was in a wedding this past weekend and I happened to be around for most of the pre and post-ceremony activities. After watching the photographer aimlessly walk around because she wasn’t assertive enough to tell the wedding party what to do, I couldn’t help but be grateful for your personality as well as your pictures. I can’t imagine what this couple’s pictures are going to look like, but from what I saw there isn’t a whole lot of promise. I really think that your personality is great for what you do. You are the perfect combination of assertiveness and friendliness that allows you to blend in when you need to and also be authoritative when things need to be done efficiently…….. So thanks for that too!

-Casey Snodgrass
Going into the engagement picture process, my fiancée and I had no idea what to expect. I became a huge HolliB blog fanatic before we had our pictures taken and was constantly checking the blog in order to get ideas for outfits for our shoot. Having not met Holli before our session, I was a bit nervous going into the shoot not knowing what her personality was going to be. My nervousness came to an end the minute we met. She gave me a big hug, which completely calmed me down. Holli hopped into our car and we drove around and discussed her techniques and where we were going to shoot for the afternoon. She was so easy going and free spirited she made it easy for us both to relax in front of the camera.
We weren’t able to get some preferred images at the OU stadium due to a lockdown for an upcoming game, but Holli came prepared and scoped out new areas to shoot. We were up for anything and her enthusiasm for cool places really gave us the confidence the shoot would turn out. We were able to shoot at four different locations which gave us a variety of settings and moods, which is exactly what I wanted.
I will be honest; I am very picky and critical when it comes to any pictures taken of me. When Holli sent me a small preview of her favorites from our session, I was in utter SHOCK at how well they turned out. Every frame looked amazing and the colors just popped. She did an amazing job making a cold, dreary October day look remarkable. I am so excited to see the rest of our engagement session pictures and can’t wait to work with Holli on my upcoming bridal shoot and wedding. She’s got a great knack for seeing the beauty in everything, which shines through in her pictures. Her attention to detail will allow my fiancée and me to enjoy these images for the rest of our lives. Thanks for everything Holli!!!

-Annie Supple

I love love love love (i could go on with the loves forever) every single photo. They are all so amazing. You captured the night perfectly. You are so talented and I can not tell you how happy we are that you were our photographer for our wedding and engagement!

– Anna Elder

HOLLI!!!! Aaron and myself, well along with everyone else, absolutely LOVES ALL of the pictures!! I want to order pretty much all of them!! I am so happy and so excited to have and to share them. Thank you oh-so much for being such a wonderful person and a wonderful photographer!! It was so great to get to know you and to hang out with you. I know that this will not be last time we talk or meet. Aaron and I are looking forward to the pregnant, birth, and baby pictures! Of course… it will probably be in about 5 years BUT we will call you! I can’t wait until we meet again!! Thank you so so so much for EVERYTHING!!

– Tehia Worley

I just wanted to email you and tell you thank you! (I’ll get to the written cards later) : ) Ya’ll were so great on our wedding day! I mean with everything that went on, you would think that I might have lost it… but I think it was so easy not to because everyone else rolled witht the punches! I had a blast at my wedding. It was pretty stress free despite the dj. I loved that our wedding turned into a photo shoot that looks like we should be on a CD cover! We just have the neatest pictures (not that we wouldn’t have) I just think they are extra special now because we will look at those Colcord pictures and remember why we got to take those great pictures!
I was also emailing to book you in advance for when (years down the road hopefully) Chase and I have kids you’ll photograph our family!!! : ) I mean it’d be awful to have to use another photographer and I just couldn’t do it! I’ll just have to book you now, or get a written guarantee from you!
Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for being a part of my big day! I wouldn’t have wanted any other person there photographing our memories! We will never forget you Holli! You’re amazing, and blessed to be so talented! You give me the drive to want to do something on my own (like open a boutique of some sort) because I see how much fun you have with your passion. Thank you!

-Brie Hendley

After attending several weddings that you photographed, stalking your blog and loving your style, Jeff and I knew you were the perfect photographer for our BIG day!
We could not have been more ecstatic when we saw our pictures! I took my computer on our honeymoon for the soul purpose of seeing our “sneak peek”!!! I can’t begin to explain to you the excitement I felt when I saw it was up! Jeff can attest to this, when I first saw it, I screamed and watched it several times in a row, I must have looked at the pictures a million times that trip. It was such a wonderful gift to receive while we were in Maui! Not only did we love our “sneak peek”, our parents were so thrilled by it as well. They were able to send the link to all their friends and family. To this day, we still receive compliments about how fabulous you are!!! The “sneak peek” and all our pictures blew us away!
You are an amazing photographer blessed with a very special gift! I am so thankful that you were our photographer! You truly captured every special moment of our day and I think of you every time I look at our pictures and the fun we had while taking them! Not only do I love your photography but you also know exactly what it takes to run a successful business! Your attitude, creativity, turnaround time, personality and pure calmness will keep you successful for many years to come! We would recommend you to any and everyone!! Wishing you the best and we can’t wait to see you at upcoming weddings!!! Thanks for capturing our dream come true day!

-Morgan and Jeff

One of the best things we ever did was meet up with you that one day. Since then, you have been an integral part in capturing the love and energy between us, thank you for embracing our thoughts and ideas, for providing us with timeless art that will be admired for many years to come. Friends and family express their recognition of your talent, and how the images come to life, allowing others to share the experiences with us. We are looking forward to our many new endeavors together.

-Leesa Torabi

OMG…. They ALL are amazing. ALL OF THEM. I honestly don’t dislike a single
one, and you know how picky I am!! :) I am absolutely
thrilled, I told Chris last night that you were the best decision I
made during all the chaos of trying to plan our wedding. It was funny though,
because with all the incredible shots you took, we barely knew you were
there! Chris said he was so irritated at the last wedding we went to
because the photographers were in the way of everything.

-Jenny Tophoj

The wedding pictures turned out absolutely amazing! I love EVERY photo! You managed to capture the entire event perfectly. I love going back and looking at the photos because it allows me to relive the best day of my life! I couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect. These are photos that Chase and I will cherish for the rest of our lives. Thanks for making them so special and beautiful!

-Erica Walthall

Sorry to e-mail you again but Will and I just watched the video again and we are literally in tears. Happy tears…= ). I cannot thank you enough Holli. I feel like I not only found the perfect photographer but an amazing person as well. Thank you for your prayer before the ceremony and your constant strength and direction throughout such a beautiful chaotic day. Hope you had a great weekend and I cannot wait to hear from you.

-Stevie Freeman

I’ve been meaning to email you and just THANK YOU again for what an awesome job you did! i often stalk your web page and read all your updates! like some of your former clients i to wish i could be best friends with you b/c you’re truly an amazing person. we couldn’t have picked a more PERFECT photographer for such an important day. i love all my pictures (engagement, bridal, and wedding) SO SO MUCH!!! if i wouldn’t look like a crazy person i would take every single picture make a collage and have it as wall-paper in my house! you have a wonderful gift! looking at my pic’s gives me such a sense of happiness, thank you for that!
The pictures captured every moment! also, i LOVE seeing some of our pictures scattered on your webpage… seriously i can’t get enough! i’d send you some of my favorites but it would take me all day i love them all!!! we will be using again in the future and i recommend you to EVERYONE!!!
Thanks for being such an amazing person, your family & friends are blessed to have such a sweet person in their lives! YOU ROCK!

-Sarah Pameticky