Our style

We love LOVE. Every client’s story is different, so we believe that capturing the uniqueness of your relationship is essential. The story will always be beautiful because it is yours.  It is our desire to creatively archive this season of your lives by creating images that naturally reflect who you are.  We will document your story as it unfolds as perfectly as we know how. We will let you be yourselves but also direct you into natural posing  to create beautiful images. Our goal with your engagement session is to have you walk away more in love with each other, have some beautiful images of the two of you together,  and hopefully you had a great time hanging out with us.  By the time your wedding day rolls around we hope to be viewed as your friends who have really great cameras :)

We are natural light photographers, who love beautiful golden sunlight and shooting in natural settings. We feel that lighting is the most important aspect of photography and defines every image we take.  The locations we have chosen for engagements and outdoor bridal sessions are always based on how the light falls at a particular time.  We like to keep the editing of our images timeless.  A clean, sharp image will never go out of style.

We know that we are not the photographers for everyone. We ARE the photographers for clients that value experienced photographers, connect with us as people,  and trust us to tell their story from our perspective. These are the clients who we will make really happy. We also believe that we are not only celebrating with you on the wedding day but we are also standing there as a witness to your marriage and the lifelong commitment that you are making. In our book it goes way deeper than the photos.

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