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Photographer: Taylor at
Venue: Castle Falls
Catering: The Cellar at Castle Falls
Ceremony: Wesley United Methodist Church
Flowers: Capitol Hill Florist
Cake – County Line Bakery
Dress – R&L Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Rose
DJ – Chasen Shaw Entertainment

Ashley and Braden were married this past Saturday. They celebrated afterwards at Castle Falls, in Oklahoma City. Castle Falls is such a hidden gem. It has a great outdoor option if you are looking for outdoor locations, but it also has an indoor reception hall. The grounds are beautiful, with tons of trees, some open areas and lots of garden areas. Ashley is absolutely gorgeous and looked stunning in her wedding dress.

My favorite thing all day was their first look. Braden was so excited to see his bride and Ashley was tearing up as she walked up to meet him. Ashley read her letter to him, which is something I haven’t seen before. (Usually our couples exchange letters and each read them to themselves.) As she read, she wiped tears from her eyes. It was such a sweet and emotional moment. Sarah and I were dying behind our cameras at the preciousness of this moment. As we photographed one of the sweetest moments I’ve ever seen on a wedding day, I was reminded of why we love first looks so much. What an incredible time they shared on their wedding day. So often we hear brides and grooms say they don’t want to “miss out” on that moment when their groom sees them for the first time as they walk down the aisle. But we argue that you are actually missing out on a more intimate moment shared only by the two of you. Well done Ashley and Braden.

Here’s a look at their beautiful wedding.

hollib_castlefalls_okc 001 hollib_castlefalls_okc 002 hollib_castlefalls_okc 003 hollib_castlefalls_okc 004 hollib_castlefalls_okc 005 hollib_castlefalls_okc 006 hollib_castlefalls_okc 007 hollib_castlefalls_okc 008 hollib_castlefalls_okc 009 hollib_castlefalls_okc 010 hollib_castlefalls_okc 011 hollib_castlefalls_okc 012 hollib_castlefalls_okc 013 hollib_castlefalls_okc 014 hollib_castlefalls_okc 015 hollib_castlefalls_okc 016 hollib_castlefalls_okc 017 hollib_castlefalls_okc 018 hollib_castlefalls_okc 019 hollib_castlefalls_okc 020 hollib_castlefalls_okc 021 hollib_castlefalls_okc 022 hollib_castlefalls_okc 023 hollib_castlefalls_okc 024 hollib_castlefalls_okc 025 hollib_castlefalls_okc 026 hollib_castlefalls_okc 027 hollib_castlefalls_okc 028 hollib_castlefalls_okc 029 hollib_castlefalls_okc 030 hollib_castlefalls_okc 031 hollib_castlefalls_okc 032 hollib_castlefalls_okc 033 hollib_castlefalls_okc 034 hollib_castlefalls_okc 035 hollib_castlefalls_okc 036 hollib_castlefalls_okc 037 hollib_castlefalls_okc 038 hollib_castlefalls_okc 039 hollib_castlefalls_okc 040 hollib_castlefalls_okc 041  hollib_castlefalls_okc 043 hollib_castlefalls_okc 044 hollib_castlefalls_okc 045 hollib_castlefalls_okc 046 hollib_castlefalls_okc 047 hollib_castlefalls_okc 048 hollib_castlefalls_okc 049 hollib_castlefalls_okc 050 hollib_castlefalls_okc 051 hollib_castlefalls_okc 052 hollib_castlefalls_okc 053 hollib_castlefalls_okc 054 hollib_castlefalls_okc 055 hollib_castlefalls_okc 056 hollib_castlefalls_okc 057 hollib_castlefalls_okc 058 hollib_castlefalls_okc 059 hollib_castlefalls_okc 060 hollib_castlefalls_okc 061 hollib_castlefalls_okc 062 hollib_castlefalls_okc 063 hollib_castlefalls_okc 064 hollib_castlefalls_okc 065 hollib_castlefalls_okc 066 hollib_castlefalls_okc 067 hollib_castlefalls_okc 068 hollib_castlefalls_okc 069 hollib_castlefalls_okc 070 hollib_castlefalls_okc 071 hollib_castlefalls_okc 072 hollib_castlefalls_okc 073 hollib_castlefalls_okc 074 hollib_castlefalls_okc 075 hollib_castlefalls_okc 076

Taylor here on this beautiful Tuesday morning, with some of my favorite bridals. Ashley and Braden were married just this past Saturday and I have been dying to post her bridals. Ashley requested shooting her bridals at Castle Falls, since that was where the wedding is going to be. The evening was perfect, lighting was gorgeous and the location was ours to explore. We had a great time and I was blown away by how fabulous Ashley looked. She was stunning and I am obsessed with how these photos turned out. Thanks for trusting me and letting me play in a new location Ashley.

hollib_castle_falls 001 hollib_castle_falls 002 hollib_castle_falls 003hollib_castle_falls 005 hollib_castle_falls 004  hollib_castle_falls 006 hollib_castle_falls 007 hollib_castle_falls 008 hollib_castle_falls 009 hollib_castle_falls 010 hollib_castle_falls 011

Photography: Taylor at
Venue: Rosebrook Vineyards
Flowers: Tony Foss
Cake: Johnnies Sweet Creations
Dress: Bridal Boutique
DJ: Nick Gray
Coordinators: D’Plazzo
Catering: Interurban
Photo booth: PhotoVille

Megan and Tervor’s wedding was absolutely beautiful. Even in the middle of June, we somehow lucked out with a great sunny day that wasn’t too hot for an outdoor wedding. Megan and Trevor are so gorgeous and photogenic, which makes my job super easy. We had a great night at Rosebrook Vineyard celebrating with all of their friends and family. Everyone had a blast. Thanks again for letting us be a part of your wedding!

Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0001 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0002 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0003 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0004 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0005 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0006 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0007 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0008 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0009 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0010Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0011  Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0012 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0013 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0014 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0015 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0016 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0017 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0018 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0019 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0020 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0021 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0022 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0023 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0024 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0025 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0026 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0027 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0028 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0029 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0030 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0031 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0032 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0033 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0034 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0035 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0036 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0037 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0038 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0039 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0040 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0041 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0042 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0043 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0044 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0045 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0046 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0047 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0048 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0049 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0050  Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0052 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0053 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0054 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0055 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0056 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0057 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0058 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0059 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0060 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0061 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0062 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0063 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0064 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0065 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0066 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0067 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0068 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0069 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0070 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0071 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0072 Hollib_rosebrook_vineyard_0073

Taylor here for Taylor Tuesday…. I have some of the most gorgeous bridal portraits to show off today!

Megan’s wedding was this past Saturday and I have been dying to show these images to you.

We shot these back in April, things were starting to bloom and look pretty, but Spring was not in full swing yet. We shot these at Rosebrook Vineyard in Moore and I could not have been more pleased with the way these turned out. Megan was an absolutely amazing model, willing to pose however and totally patient with the wind in her hair.

Hollib_okc_rosebrookvineyard_bridal 001 Hollib_okc_rosebrookvineyard_bridal 002 Hollib_okc_rosebrookvineyard_bridal 003 Hollib_okc_rosebrookvineyard_bridal 004 Hollib_okc_rosebrookvineyard_bridal 005 Hollib_okc_rosebrookvineyard_bridal 006 Hollib_okc_rosebrookvineyard_bridal 007 Hollib_okc_rosebrookvineyard_bridal 008 Hollib_okc_rosebrookvineyard_bridal 009 Hollib_okc_rosebrookvineyard_bridal 010




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