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Hi! Taylor here… wanting to introduce you to my friends Nicole and Robert. I have known Nicole since she was a sophomore in high school, which was about 7 years ago! Crazy. And I’ve known Robert for about 5 or so years?  I am not exactly sure, but it’s been a while. I knew them separately and then watched as they started to date and fall in love. I always enjoyed hearing Nicole talk about Robert and watching from a distance as Robert pursued my sweet friend. I love that they love each other and I enjoy watching them together, because they just love being around each other. I am so honored to be a bridesmaid in their wedding this fall. It really is going to be a beautiful wedding. And since I clearly can’t photograph their wedding, Holli will be doing all the hard work! But I was able to shoot their engagement pictures, which was truly fun, because they just made each other laugh and just had fun being together, nevermind that their friend/photographer was following them :)













Taylor Tuesday!!!

Meet Aimee and Mike…. oh wait, you already did…when Holli shot their engagements, bridals and wedding, back in 2010. They are some of my very best friends and I love them so much. Last year, Michael was accepted into the MBA program at the University of Texas (gasp), I know, I know, quite the unforgivable sin for any Sooner Fan. So these two packed their house, cars and kitten, Bella,  and headed down south to keep Austin weird. It was such a sad day for me when Aimee left. We have known each other for so long. We were college roommates, running buddies and shopping partners. She makes the best baked treats and is always up for a coke date. I mean what more could I ask for?
These two are such a fun couple, so if you live in Austin, you need to look them up and hang out with them ASAP. They love people so well and have so much fun with each other, but most importantly they are committed to Jesus and His plan for their lives. God has been so faithful, I can’t wait to see what huge plans he has for them… whatever it is is, I am sure it will send them back to Norman :)

So, before they left town I wanted to take some pictures of them. So we chose the WINDIEST day in June and made it work. Seriously, it is not a good idea to take pictures in the wind. Aimee was fighting with her hair the entire time. And if they hadn’t been leaving town in like two days, I would have rescheduled.  So despite all the wind (the ‘windblown’ look is in, right?), we had some beautiful sun and were able to catch some sweet pictures.

(And today happens to be their 3rd wedding anniversary!!!!, Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds, now come and visit. Norman misses you.)

Amiee and Mike – hurry back to Norman, I need a running buddy :)


Taylor Tuesday…. still playing catch up!

I had the pleasure of photographing my sweet friend’s bridals last fall. Her wedding was in November and she needed bridals taken before her big day. Of course I fit her into my schedule, who can say no, to a beautiful bride in a big white dress? Well I can’t. And her dress certainly wasn’t big, but it was perfect and she looked amazing. It is always a blast catching up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while and we had plenty to talk about with her wedding being just on the horizon. We traipsed through fields, sat in grass and pulled over on the side of the road… all for beautiful pictures. I love my job! Ashley, you were a gorgeous bride and I loved taking your bridal portraits. I hope you and Colin are enjoying married life, let’s grab dinner soon.

I’ve been a little MIA with my Taylor Tuesdays… but I had a little time today and wanted to post some pictures of these cute little boys I photographed last month. They were the best models! The oldest was so polite and even offered to help carry my props. He has such a great smile. And he was so helpful at making his little brother laugh by singing him the “Duck Song“. Dad and big brother would sing this song and the little guy would smile so big and start to dance, it was hilarious. We were all laughing quite a bit.

We are booking up for the fall portrait sessions, so send us an email and we will get you on the calendar.

Y’all. There is a plethora of killer talent in the wedding industry in the state of Oklahoma. SO MUCH TALENT. We are so grateful to work in this industry among these ridiculously talented vendors that we get to call friends. The Brides of Oklahoma magazine is THE resource for the state of OK. It is completely full of helpful information when planning a wedding, local wedding vendors, real Oklahoma weddings and more. We are SO honored that our image was chosen for the cover image of the magazine for the second time. So… unbelievably… ridiculously… honored. It could not have gone to a more deserving, laid back, kind and beautiful bride… Miss Molly Kingery-Perkins.

* Just a side note because I KNOW we will be getting this question asked frequently. We cannot shoot at this location again. We had permission to shoot there for a few years and then the owner decided not to allow anyone on their property because apparently a lot of photographers found it as well and started shooting there a lot too. The owners have asked us on more than one occasion to not shoot there anymore. We love it too folks… and believe me, we have done our share of begging this kind family ;)