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This is crazy, but we are celebrating Kim’s third anniversary as part of the HolliB Team. It seems insane that I haven’t introduced her before. In fact, as I started this post, I searched the blog to find her “introduction blog”, which is when I realized I had never formally introduced her. #hugefail


Kim started working as my (Taylor’s) second shooter back in 2011 and has remained faithfully by my side for the past three years, going on four, this season. To even begin to describe Kim, is an impossible task and there is no way this blog post will do her justice, but I am going to try.

I have known Kim for at least eight years. We met when I was in college and I interviewed for an internship with her organization. I happened to sleep through my alarm and missed my appointment :), but she graciously gave me a second chance and we rescheduled to meet at a McDonald’s. After the interview, we drank Dr. Pepper and shared hot fries. And this is when we knew we would get along just fine. We remained great friends even after the internship and I moved in with her family for one summer, while David and I were dating. Since I lived with them while we were dating the four of us became quick friends and we still love to hang out together. But our double-dates have turned into small family gatherings, since we both have two kids now.

This is us at the U2 concert. Excuse my point and shoot camera (and the rando photographer who took the picture).


And these little gems comes from our “Lost Party”. We hosted a party to watch the Lost finale and made everyone dress as a character. I am Claire (crazy Claire). And Kim is Kate (she had a woman crush on her, who didn’t really?) And did you notice Black Smoke in there? That’s Holli B herself. Ahhh those were the days… pre-kids (for most of us at least) … when we had time to dress up as  tv characters and go to an adult party for hours on end, not keeping track of time.

kim new

This is Kim’s incredible husband, who loves her so well and supports her in everything that she does. (The HolliB staff really does have the best husbands around.)


And these are her adorably cute boys, Evrett and Wesley. Aren’t they dressed so perfectly and totally handsome?


They really are the funnest family.DSC_5731 fam

Sorry for the small family session post here, but I just love all these pictures and never got around to posting them last fall. I mean, come on… how perfectly coordinated are they? Leave it to Kim.fam2 And sometimes our kids have to come to the studio to “work” with us. #whatatrooper


If I could only say one thing about Kim, I would sum her up with, “Kim loves life.” She is joyful all. the. time. And so positive. She loves being with people and honestly, she loves her job. Who doesn’t want to be around someone like that?




She is the best test model…

kim007 kim008

Kim has amazing style and I want to “pin” her outfit and attempt to recreate it every time I see her. We joke about who looks better every time we work together, but Kim always wins. #teachmeyourways

Kim is an unbelievable friend, who is hilarious, authentic, athletic, incredibly outgoing, so encouraging and a powerful prayer warrior. She is someone you want by your side at all times. And that is why we love working together. We have the best conversations on our way to work (over Dr. Pepper and hot fries of course) that usually leave us laughing until we pee our pants. #notreally #butithashappened And at the same time, I can’t tell you the number of times Kim’s encouraging words have gotten me through a rough day/week.


Groomsmen love her….kim010

And… can we talk about this hair?kim011Over the past few years she has grown so much as my assistant/second shooter. Not only has she developed her own style but her eye for capturing important moments has exploded. Let me explain, her eye has not actually exploded, because that would be awful, but she gives our clients memories captured as photographs that they can remember forever. When Kim “doesn’t have anything to do” she finds something interesting going on to photograph. Whether it be the groomsmen laughing, the handcrafted favors or guests mingling.


These are just a few of the images she has captured that I absolutely adore. It definitely pays off to have a second shooter at your wedding… the additional vantage points and eyes to see what’s taking place “behind” the action is awesome.kim013

Thank you Kim, for the past three years! Thank you for serving the HolliB team and ultimately our clients so well. You are one of a kind and the perfect fit for us. You bring so much joy and enthusiasm to the HolliB team and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be the person/photographer that I am without you by my side. So excited for this next wedding season with you.

Taylor here on this beautiful Tuesday… taking a quick break from maternity leave to show you some of my favorite pictures that Holli took during Benjamin’s birth.

Can I just encourage every expectant mother out there to consider hiring a photographer for their birth? This isn’t a cheap plug to hire Holli B, because we actually do not shoot births anymore. It is just a very strong suggestion from one passionate mother. Call me crazy, but I LOVE birth stories. I love hearing about the entire experience… how she labored, what she was feeling, what he was thinking… the emotions, the pain, the excitement, the anticipation. I. LOVE. IT. ALL. So when I was pregnant with my daughter 2.5 years ago, it was a no brainer for me to let Holli photograph it. And I was so glad I did. I LOVE watching the slideshow Holli created. I cannot count the number of times I have watched Ellie’s slideshow. So obviously we wanted Holli to come and photograph the arrival of our handsome little buddy, Benjamin. I adore these images and in the middle of the night, when I am dead tired and trying to stay awake while nursing him, I turn on the slideshow and cry almost everytime.

There is just no way to remember that day without these pictures. As I go back and watch (and rewatch and rewatch) Ben’s slideshow and even Ellie’s, I can remember what I was thinking and how I was feeling in those pictures. I remember being so ready to meet him. I remember being in pain. (I didn’t say I remember the pain, because I honestly don’t.) But I remember so much more because I am able to look at the photos and they take me back to that experience. One that I never want to forget.

So as you are planning for your little ones arrival and are shopping for cribs and strollers, I beg you to at least consider a photographer for that beautiful day. If you need some referrals, let us know, we have some fantastic photographers we can recommend.


ben 001 ben 002 ben 003 ben 004 ben 005 ben 006 ben 007 ben 008 ben 009 ben 010 ben 011 ben 012  ben 014 ben 015 ben 016I am totally in love with these next few pictures of David holding Ben’s hand.ben 013 ben 017 ben 018 ben 019 ben 021 ben 022 ben 023ben 028Ellie wasn’t sure what to think about this little man, but she warmed up pretty quickly and has grown to love him immensely! ben 025 ben 026 ben 027   ben 033 ben 034ben 029 ben 037 ben 038

Here she is… the rockstar, that left her warm cozy bed in the middle of the night to photograph Benjamin’s super speedy arrival! Thank you so much Holli, it really means the world to us to have these images forever.ben 024

It’s Taylor here with a quick post to announce our newest family member (and Holli B mascot)!

Benjamin David Forester.

He was born on Friday, February 14. That’s right, we have a Valentine baby. I said for 6 months I refused to deliver on this day, but lo and behold, God knew :)


I’ve been a little MIA lately on the blog, mainly because I started taking time off right after the new year in anticipation of our son’s arrival. And now that he is here, I’ll probably be pretty silent for the next few weeks. But I have lots of beautiful weddings coming up this spring and summer and I can’t wait to show them to you!

Until then!

Sarah Here…

I absolutely cannot believe that my little guy is one… This year has flown by, but at the same time it has been so rich and full. There has been plenty of adjusting to do as I have added Mom to the hats that I wear. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

As his birthday approached I was so overwhelmed with how to celebrate and document this little guys last year. And I have to admit while I spend most of my time capturing other peoples big days you would think my son would be bombarded with a camera at home… and that might be true compared to other little ones, but I still feel like I fall short in adequately capturing his days and changes… his growing up. Something I am hoping to improve this next year. So I thought I would start it off with a little shoot for his one year birthday. We weren’t able to have his party last weekend on his actual day so that will follow this Saturday, but here is a little sneak peek at the party and theme to come.












Oh 2013 you have been good to us in many ways. I have been meaning to blog more personal things but decided not to spend as much time in front of a computer this year so something had to give. Hopefully you will get to see more personal posts from all of us at HolliB and get to read more about our cute families/lives/personal stuff for the year.

My #1 favorite thing about 2013? I gave up most all social media in 2013. AND IT WAS LIFE CHANGING. (I allowed myself one day per month to set up self publishing business posts on fb and had a few other small rules) Did you read that? LIFE CHANGING. You will never know how much you miss out on until you do not have a phone glued to your hand at all times. For the first time in a couple of years I can honestly say that I was present for life, I was there, I wasnt looking down at my phone telling others about it all thru social media, I was there LIVING it, FEELING it, and loving it. It was hard, but oh, it was worth it. And I am not going back to social media. Its not worth it anymore. Call me, text me, or even better come sit on my porch and look at my cows- I am having real conversations these days, not status updates or instagrams.

0001best of 2013

I guess it was technically 2012 but we spent the last days of it in Cody, Wyoming visiting my brother and sister in law for our family Christmas. It is a gift that my entire family likes each other enough to spend a week together at Christmas. We play board games, tell stories about our childhood, drink wine, snow ski, and have a fantastic time enjoying each other. We even had shirts made with our picture on it.

0002best of 2013

0003best of 2013

Jax birthday. Every year we do the exact same thing. Its the best. We have a kickball tournament, go on a hike in the woods, tell stories around a campfire and then play hide-and-go-seek in the dark. Its probably my favorite day of the year every year. But to be completely honest, I tried to bribe him this past year. I was a little OVER all of the holidays (havens birthday, christmas, new years and then jax birthday all fall within a 3 weeks span) and told him we would (finally) give in and buy him an ipod touch for his birthday if we didnt do the big birthday party. He said, “mom, my birthday party is the funnest day of the year… there is no way I want an ipod instead of a birthday party.” And then I died. I love him so.

0004best of 2013

Milkshakes with my mema. She loves the dang chikfila peppermint milkshakes.

0005best of 2013

Farm life. Did I mention we are wannabe farmers? Well, its really happening. We purchased 80 acres of land about 4 years ago with our best friends, 30 cattle, 2 ponds and a whole lotta dreams. We spent a LOT of time on the farm in 2013.0006best of 2013

I was hesitant on the whole COW thing. I was. They are large and I didnt know what to do with them. But now I love them. It was a new love in 2013. Truly, madly, deeply.

0007best of 2013

0008best of 2013

The daddy daughter dance is homegirls favorite day of the year. Every single year. LOVE these two.

0009best of 2013

This little guy was born. His name is Abe and he is the newest HolliB mascot ;) Welcome to world Abe!

0010best of 2013

We got to baptize our children this spring. SO many tears. I surprised myself with the tears actually. We LOVE our church SO much and it is such a gift to baptize them ourselves.

0011best of 2013

Oh, the sports. We did a LOT of sports in 2013. Sports is a BIG deal around our neck of the woods and in our family. We love the families we get to hang out with throughout the year and the lessons it teaches our children (most of the time) So much of our time in 2013 was spent watching little league sporting events.

0012best of 2013

0013best of 2013

If you ask my kids their two favorite things… Jax would be board games and Haven’s would be crafting. We did many of the two this past year.

0014best of 2013

We moved forward in deciding to move to the land and this is our drive way ;)

0015best of 2013

More summer sports. I told you, LOTS of sports ;)

0016best of 2013

0017best of 2013

I am so lucky to say that I have GREAT girlfriends. Last minute trips with friends were among some of my favorite memories of 2013. I had an antique-ing weekend in Canton with my friends Allison, Liz and Tara. I picked cherries and picnicked with my friend Shannon and our kiddos.  We visited Kansas City in February and got to meet one of best friends new baby, River. I get to work with two of my besties on a daily basis.  I am surrounded and influenced by some really incredible women. Here are a couple of random iphone pics of a few of them.

0018best of 2013

COWS. I told you I loved them.

0019best of 2013

Among Jax and Jace’s favorite things are fishing. We did a lot of fishing.

0020best of 2013

Summery garden food. This was a bounty of tomatoes from the garden.

0021best of 2013

More land fun… lots of land fun.

0022best of 2013

We decided to put our house up for sale during the summer. We felt like there had been a few nudges from the Lord that this was the time. Little did we know that it would sell so fast and we would have to frantically find a place to live and be out within 2 weeks. This maybe wasnt one of my favorite moments of the year but it did solidify our plans to move to the land a tad more quickly than we thought! We LOVED this house that we built 5 years ago so much and it was hard for me to say goodbye to it!

0023best of 2013

THIS GUY. Oh man, this guy. This is my very first NEPHEW and man do we love him. Cameron was born in July and we are smitten with him! Have you ever seen so much hair on a newborn?!?

0024best of 2013Hands down the highlight of 2013 was our two week vacation visiting all of the places we played and lived during our 8 years of playing professional baseball. We flew into Panama City, Florida and drove to Seaside, Florida and then we photographed a wedding at Watercolor Inn. We then drove to Montgomery, Alabama then onto Atlanta, Georgia continuing to Charleston, South Carolina thru Savannah, Georgia, down to Celebration, Florida and then down to St. Petersburg, Florida and then drove back up and flew home out of Orlando, FL. We spent every bit of 30 hours in the car together. We had SO SO SO much fun. Our kids were too small to remember much about our 8 years playing professional baseball because they were just babies. We took them to all of the cities we lived in and ate at our favorite restaurants. We showed them the place we were married and walked along the beaches without a care in the world. This trip will forever be etched in my memories.

0025best of 2013

The kids found an article in a magazine for the Montgomery Biscuits that mentioned their dad- they thought it was pretty cool.

0026best of 2013

My team. Yall, these two? Are the best. In every which way. Sarah, Taylor and I photographed a beautiful tablescape for the newest Brides of Oklahoma magazine. I love working with these people.

0027best of 2013

Jace got a new job coaching and teaching back at the school he grew up in and where our kids attend. This was SUCH a blessing. His heart will always be here and it was a dream come true for him to get to come home to the town that he grew up in, to coach and teach. He is SO good at it too. I am SO proud of him. These kids are so lucky to have such a dedicated and experienced coach! Plus, my hubby looks reeeeeal good in a uniform ;)

0028best of 2013

0029best of 2013

I had a staff appreciation day that included getting our hair and makeup done at Blo, lunch at Republic Gastropub, new headshots, pedicures and a fun little treat bag. I cannot express how thankful I am to know each and every lady on the HolliB team.

0030best of 2013

0031best of 2013

This guy. Yall I have known this man since I was 14 and not allowed to date yet. We got married at 20 and 21 and spent our honeymoon flying all over the world to play baseball. We had no idea what we were doing- we just knew that we were high school sweethearts that loved each other. This year we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. I literally could not love him more and am so grateful to call him mine. We have fought, but we have laughed more. We have cried, but we have “silly danced” more. We have slammed doors, but we have truly “seen” each other more this year than any year before. I am a lucky gal.

0032best of 2013

0033best of 2013

This girl loves the selfies. She isnt allowed to have a device yet but she sure loves using mine ;)

0034best of 2013Another highlight of my year was attending Pursuit 31- a womens conference for creative entrepreneurs who love Jesus. And wow. just wow. I was blown away. I will write a whole nother post about this soon bc it was life changing. I already signed up for it again next year. Oh, and I got to meet, hug and chat with Bob Goff #bucketlist

0035best of 2013

0036best of 2013

This is a TERRIBLE picture but one of my favorite things is seeing movies in the middle of the day. Its about as rule breaking as I get. My parents called me and asked if I wanted to see a movie with them at noon, in the balcony, at the Warren, while my kids were at school. I dont get to do it often but its my absolute FAVORITE.

0037best of 2013

Our annual photo shoot with Taylor. Its an interesting evening every year as I am THE MOST AWKWARD person in front of the camera… maybe ever. But I love having them done after its all said and done. We chose the perfect time to shoot them when the Oklahoma fall colors pop with golden prettiness. This is a friends driveway.. but it worked.

0038best of 2013

House church. I was raised in a southern baptist church in a small town. We now attend a house church, which is the furthest thing from how we were both raised. But it is intimate, challenging, vulnerable, encouragin and glorious in every which way. We had a lot of people gone over Thanksgiving so we just had a quaint breakfast brunch. House church is my favorite.

0039best of 2013

Jax and I went to see Wicked. This kid… he LOVES sports. But every now and then you see a side of him that is hidden a bit and i love it. We had SO much fun and ADORED seeing Wicked.

0040best of 2013

Yep, more sports. Homegirl here LOVES the cheerleading. Much to my dismay. I was an athlete and never thought cheerleading was a sport but I was wrong. I am pretty sure this girl is going to be a cheerleader for a long time.

0041best of 2013

We spend Thanksgiving with my hubbys extended family every year. His grandmother is full German and she loves to cook with the kiddos. It is such a treat for our kids (and us) to know our grandparents so well!

0042best of 2013

My hubbys family on Thanksgiving…

0043best of 2013

This guy. Cameron. I told you we loved him. #heartbreaker

0044best of 2013

COWS. I cant get enough.

0045best of 2013

Since moving to our tiny town lunch dates at the cafeteria are more frequent. This kid still likes to invite his mom to lunch. Im hoping this never changes but have a feeling it will soon ;(

0046best of 2013

LOTS of cooking dinners. Fun ones and plain ones. I am in dire need of a couple new recipes to add to the monthly menu.

0047best of 2013

I photographed many BEAUTIFUL WEDDINGS this year (25 of them to be exact). I love my job SO MUCH. I am SO blessed to call this work. Other than the neck strains of carrying heavy equipment for 8 hours- I cant complain.

0048best of 2013

My family wearing matching pajamas every single christmas morning since I can remember. I love this tradition SO MUCH. We added a new member this year as my brother is dating a swell gal ;)

0049best of 2013

And my BFF little brother and his wife Lindsey…. gave us a pretty awesome surprise… I.CANNOT.WAIT. I cant even tell you. SO SO SO SO SO excited for them to be parents and to have a new niece or nephew!!!

0050best of 2013

This year was full of SO many things and I am so thankful that we lived slow enough and that we were present to enjoy them. I have a God that never leaves me, that allows me to ask hard questions and invite me back into his arms every single day. I have a husband that loves me and is truly so easy to be with even after over 18 years of knowing him. I have beautiful, healthy, children that make me laugh and are genuinely fun to be with all the time.  I find my work fulfilling and purposeful and the people that I get to call clients become dear friends time after time.  I have every single thing I could ever want or need right in front of me. I am so blessed. Cheers to you 2013!

0051best of 2013