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We loved shooting Rachels bridal session in a few random locations this spring. Oklahoma is lacking in the bridal location department and you have to get creative to find spots that are unique. A few years ago we had a beautiful field of redbuds that we shot sessions in all of the time. They have since been cut and sold so we were on the lookout for some more. I drove around a found a few and loved how Rachels bridals turned out by driving around and finding a few new bridal locations.

0001bridal portraits oklahoma hollib

0002bridal portraits oklahoma hollib

0003bridal portraits oklahoma hollib

0004bridal portraits oklahoma hollib

0005bridal portraits oklahoma hollib

0006bridal portraits oklahoma hollib

0007bridal portraits oklahoma hollib

0008bridal portraits oklahoma hollib

0009bridal portraits oklahoma hollib

0010bridal portraits oklahoma hollib

I love my brides. But seriously, I do. I think one of the most fun things about my job is seeing how each and every one of our brides make their weddings truly and uniquely “them” … from the venue to the flowers to all of the details that surround the event. Its not an easy task making your wedding feel like you but when brides do it and do it well it is so fun to see it come together!
Amanda has such fun vintage style. Her wedding ring is an antique. Her favorite thing is to shop at antique stores. The Sand Plum was the PERFECT venue for her! We loved seeing all the things she did to make it come together.
The day started perfectly at Brendans family farm in Guthrie, Oklahoma. The plan was to do all of the photos in the pretty fields and farm around that area. The rain made that plan disappear but Amanda was TOTALLY cool with changing it at the last minute. We left the farm and headed to the wedding venue in Guthrie and dodged the rain for just a bit to get their photos in the streets of downtown Guthrie.

Photographer: HolliB
Venue: Sand Plum Event Center
Flowers: Poppy Lane
Cake: Bride: Andrea Howard Cakes;
Groom: BrooksAnderson
Dress: The Bridal Boutique
DJ: Chasen Shaw Productions
Video: Leslee Leaming Videography
Invitations / Paper: Touie’s Design
Bridesmaids Dresses: Prim

sand plum guthrie wedding001

sand plum guthrie wedding003

sand plum guthrie wedding004

sand plum guthrie wedding005dagan-1

sand plum guthrie wedding006

sand plum guthrie wedding007

sand plum guthrie wedding008

sand plum guthrie wedding009

sand plum guthrie wedding010

sand plum guthrie wedding011

sand plum guthrie wedding012

sand plum guthrie wedding013

sand plum guthrie wedding014

sand plum guthrie wedding015

sand plum guthrie wedding016

sand plum guthrie wedding017


sand plum guthrie wedding019

sand plum guthrie wedding020

sand plum guthrie wedding021

sand plum guthrie wedding022

sand plum guthrie wedding023

sand plum guthrie wedding024

sand plum guthrie wedding025

sand plum guthrie wedding026

sand plum guthrie wedding027

sand plum guthrie wedding028

sand plum guthrie wedding029

sand plum guthrie wedding030


sand plum guthrie wedding032

sand plum guthrie wedding033

sand plum guthrie wedding034

sand plum guthrie wedding035

sand plum guthrie wedding036

sand plum guthrie wedding037

sand plum guthrie wedding038

sand plum guthrie wedding039

sand plum guthrie wedding040

sand plum guthrie wedding041

sand plum guthrie wedding042

sand plum guthrie wedding043

sand plum guthrie wedding044

sand plum guthrie wedding045

sand plum guthrie wedding046

sand plum guthrie wedding047

sand plum guthrie wedding048

sand plum guthrie wedding049

sand plum guthrie wedding050

sand plum guthrie wedding051

sand plum guthrie wedding052

sand plum guthrie wedding053

sand plum guthrie wedding054

sand plum guthrie wedding055

sand plum guthrie wedding056

sand plum guthrie wedding057

sand plum guthrie wedding058

sand plum guthrie wedding059


sand plum guthrie wedding061

sand plum guthrie wedding062

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Greg and Lauren are getting married this fall! We are so excited to celebrate their lovely Gaillardia wedding!

0001oklahoma wedding photographers hollib

0002oklahoma wedding photographers hollib

0003oklahoma wedding photographers hollib

0005oklahoma wedding photographers hollib

0006oklahoma wedding photographers hollib

0007oklahoma wedding photographers hollib

0008oklahoma wedding photographers hollib

0009oklahoma wedding photographers hollib

0010oklahoma wedding photographers hollib

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We had almost a full week of perfect weather in July last week. For Oklahoma summers… that is unheard of. While we were enjoying 70 degree temperatures last week we are back close to 100 degrees this week. Several of our brides have asked about some indoor bridal options for their bridal sessions coming up in late summer. While shooting a bride in a field of sunshine will ALWAYS be our style and favorite look some brides decide they would rather do them indoors because of heat or they just love the look of certain indoor options.

We photographed Taylors bridal session last year around this time. Both of her sisters used the Oklahoma Capitol for their bridal session and she wanted to do the same. The oklahoma city capitol is one indoor option for shooting bridals that has both indoor and outdoor shooting options. There are pros and cons of shooting here but we wanted to show a session from here to give our brides some options! Let us know if you have any questions about shooting sessions at the capitol. Taylor, you were a beautiful bride and we hope this past year of marriage has been so fun for you guys!

okc capitol bridals hollib 001

okc capitol bridals hollib 002

okc capitol bridals hollib 003

okc capitol bridals hollib 004

okc capitol bridals hollib 005

okc capitol bridals hollib 006

okc capitol bridals hollib 007

okc capitol bridals hollib 008

okc capitol bridals hollib 009

okc capitol bridals hollib 010

okc capitol bridals hollib 011

okc capitol bridals hollib 012

okc capitol bridals hollib 013

okc capitol bridals hollib 014

okc capitol bridals hollib 015

We have had a few emails from our current brides asking what our favorite “send off” ideas are so I thought I would put a quick blog post up explaining some different options! We have seen a lot of different things but the majority of weddings here in Oklahoma use either sparklers or rose petals. We are starting to see a new trend of a send-off after the ceremony when all of your guests are still there instead of at the very end of the night when only a few family and friends are left. We absolutely LOVE this idea for a couple of reasons. ONE… there are WAY more people there to throw or hold the things that you will be running thru. TWO- a lot of times it is still light outside and you can still see all of the people in line and we dont have to light up the exit with flash. We have a couple of different things that we have seen at receptions that we will talk more about below…

0001reception exit ideas hollib

Brad and Katie were married 4 years ago and they had a send off right as they were walking down the aisle. They had cute little flower petal holders hanging on the end of each aisle and I love the color and celebration that  showed in their images from the aisle exit.

0003reception exit ideas hollib

0004reception exit ideas hollib

Confetti is another fun option. Guests thru colored paper confetti at Rachel and Evans wedding a few years ago. I love the different sizes of paper.

Glow sticks are fun but in my opinion they dont photograph all that well for the actual send off. When its dark I love the colors they put off (see below) but when you are running thru the lines we have to use flash to be able to see your faces and they look like sticks being held.

0006reception exit ideas hollib

This fun crowd decided to throw the colored glow sticks instead of hold them and it actually looked a lot better! Glad these guests got crazy ;)

0007reception exit ideas hollib

This is some sort of eco-fetti that Lauren and Cody used as their send off. It had a different texture than I have seen and was a fun send off idea! Kristin and Matt, and Brittany and Rob used confetti as well!

0008reception exit ideas hollib

0009reception exit ideas hollib

0010reception exit ideas hollib

Certain venues that have restrictions require to use something that doesnt involve fire or that they have to pick up. Quite a few of our brides have used these types of ribbon wands that you can make yourself or find on Etsy.

0011reception exit ideas hollib

0012reception exit ideas hollib

0013reception exit ideas hollib

We even have had one bride and groom almost 7 years ago use placebo pills because they were both pharmacists… how fun is that?

0014reception exit ideas hollib

Sparklers are the most popular option for late evening send offs…

0015reception exit ideas hollib

I found this funny pic in the archives as I was searching for sparkler send offs… how funny is this little guy?!?!

0016reception exit ideas hollib

0017reception exit ideas hollib


Our bride Aija used balloons and rose petals for her send off… we loved this idea! I have seen balloons a handful of times at one of my weddings and think they are really fun for a send off post ceremony when its still light outside!


Bubbles are also still a popular option….

0020reception exit ideas hollib

But sometimes when it is really windy you cant see them… thanks to the lovely Oklahoma wind ;(

0021reception exit ideas hollib

Pom poms are a new trend that I havent seen all that often but think they are fun!

0022reception exit ideas hollib

Chinese lanterns have made their way to Oklahoma wedding receptions… they are a fun way to end your evening.

0023reception exit ideas hollib

We hope this gives you some insight on reception send off ideas! As always, feel free to email us if you have any questions or thoughts on what to use for your own wedding! We love to help!