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I met Caddy like 9 years ago! She was in high school and I was in college. I was a Young Life leader at her high school here in Norman. We hung out alot throughout the rest of her high school and then into college. We have always kept in touch, sometimes better than others! So when she got engaged, she asked if I would take her and Jarik’s engagement pictures and then, if Ellie would be a flower girl in her wedding. I said yes to both requests, of course! Ellie was such a cute flower girl at the wedding and she raced the other girls down the aisle…. she won… duh! But she was also a little diva, who wouldn’t let anyone take her picture, so I do not think there is a decent photo of her as the pretty princess that she was. My fingers are crossed that there is one out there and I will see it soon :) Anyhow, I digress… we shot Caddy’s engagement pictures just a few weeks before the wedding on her grandparent’s farm/land. I love shooting people I know and in new places, so this was such a treat!


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Happy married life! Can’t wait to catch up!

Taylor Tuesday…. well hello there!!! It’s been a while since I’ve posted on a Tuesday. With the craziness of wedding season, I decided not to worry too much about posting only on Tuesdays, but just try to get each wedding posted. Mission accomplished. So now, let’s get back on track. Watch out Tuesdays.

I shot Emily and James’ engagement session just last week, in the heat of the summer! I do not suggest this of course, but Emily lives out of town and had a limited window of time to do her session. So we pressed on. She said she was a shorts and t-shirt gal anyway, so she didn’t mind. And James was a great sport, bringing his own sweat towel! Which of course he is used to since he played football his whole life.

These two are just fun to be around! I’m pumped about their wedding next spring.

Here’s your sneak peak Emily! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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Greg and Lauren are getting married this fall! We are so excited to celebrate their lovely Gaillardia wedding!

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Sarah Here!
You are going to love these two! They are both so lovely. And I have to share just a piece of their engagement story with you because I just loved it! Justin and Sarah had gone with family to get a christmas tree and then come home to put it up in their house and decorate. So Justin put the ring in one of the boxes full of ornaments and just patiently waited for Sarah to find it as she put up ornaments. BUT IT TOOK HER THREE HOURS! Oh my gosh I was dying for Justin. I can’t believe he had to wait three hours with all his nerves knowing what he was about to do. And Sarah saw the ring at a glance and thought it was a piece of her grandmas costume jewelry that got thrown in with some of her old ornaments. And she kept tossing this specific box aside saying she didn’t really want to hang these ones up this year while Justin persistantly made reasons up for her to look again just in case she missed some she might want to hang up! LOVE IT! Such a cute sweet story. And Sarah giggled telling the whole thing. Loved spending time with these guys! Can’t wait for the wedding day…

















Jul 08, 2014

We realize we are not the photographers for every bride. We are totally okay with that and it is top priority for us to find clients that we connect with on a personal level and are not just “vendors” working their wedding. Sometimes you meet people and you instantly click. I met Morgan (and her sweet mom and dad) for an early morning consultation at my studio and instantly knew that we were just the right fit. People ask me all the time if I ever get bridezillas and honestly I never do. I think its because we attract clients who are similar to us.. and we are just fine with that ;)

Morgan and Paul are crazy about each other. Just flat out CRAZY. And its adorable… but not in the disgusting-kind-of-jealous way… in the I-wanna-love-like-them kind of way. They are seriously excited to spend the rest of their lives together and we are so excited to celebrate them on their big day! Morgan and Paul, thanks for running around my farm for your engagement session! We cannot wait for your winter wedding!

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