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Hailey and I (and her awesome team of family members) ran around my farm for her bridal session. I have been encouraging brides to take their hair down at the end of the session to get two different looks and I am loving the outcome! Shout out to Poppy Lane for the lovely bouquet!

oklahoma bridal session001

oklahoma bridal session002

oklahoma bridal session003

oklahoma bridal session004

oklahoma bridal session005

oklahoma bridal session006

oklahoma bridal session007

oklahoma bridal session008

oklahoma bridal session009

We loved shooting Rachels bridal session in a few random locations this spring. Oklahoma is lacking in the bridal location department and you have to get creative to find spots that are unique. A few years ago we had a beautiful field of redbuds that we shot sessions in all of the time. They have since been cut and sold so we were on the lookout for some more. I drove around a found a few and loved how Rachels bridals turned out by driving around and finding a few new bridal locations.

0001bridal portraits oklahoma hollib

0002bridal portraits oklahoma hollib

0003bridal portraits oklahoma hollib

0004bridal portraits oklahoma hollib

0005bridal portraits oklahoma hollib

0006bridal portraits oklahoma hollib

0007bridal portraits oklahoma hollib

0008bridal portraits oklahoma hollib

0009bridal portraits oklahoma hollib

0010bridal portraits oklahoma hollib

We had almost a full week of perfect weather in July last week. For Oklahoma summers… that is unheard of. While we were enjoying 70 degree temperatures last week we are back close to 100 degrees this week. Several of our brides have asked about some indoor bridal options for their bridal sessions coming up in late summer. While shooting a bride in a field of sunshine will ALWAYS be our style and favorite look some brides decide they would rather do them indoors because of heat or they just love the look of certain indoor options.

We photographed Taylors bridal session last year around this time. Both of her sisters used the Oklahoma Capitol for their bridal session and she wanted to do the same. The oklahoma city capitol is one indoor option for shooting bridals that has both indoor and outdoor shooting options. There are pros and cons of shooting here but we wanted to show a session from here to give our brides some options! Let us know if you have any questions about shooting sessions at the capitol. Taylor, you were a beautiful bride and we hope this past year of marriage has been so fun for you guys!

okc capitol bridals hollib 001

okc capitol bridals hollib 002

okc capitol bridals hollib 003

okc capitol bridals hollib 004

okc capitol bridals hollib 005

okc capitol bridals hollib 006

okc capitol bridals hollib 007

okc capitol bridals hollib 008

okc capitol bridals hollib 009

okc capitol bridals hollib 010

okc capitol bridals hollib 011

okc capitol bridals hollib 012

okc capitol bridals hollib 013

okc capitol bridals hollib 014

okc capitol bridals hollib 015

Taylor here on this beautiful Tuesday morning, with some of my favorite bridals. Ashley and Braden were married just this past Saturday and I have been dying to post her bridals. Ashley requested shooting her bridals at Castle Falls, since that was where the wedding is going to be. The evening was perfect, lighting was gorgeous and the location was ours to explore. We had a great time and I was blown away by how fabulous Ashley looked. She was stunning and I am obsessed with how these photos turned out. Thanks for trusting me and letting me play in a new location Ashley.

hollib_castle_falls 001 hollib_castle_falls 002 hollib_castle_falls 003hollib_castle_falls 005 hollib_castle_falls 004  hollib_castle_falls 006 hollib_castle_falls 007 hollib_castle_falls 008 hollib_castle_falls 009 hollib_castle_falls 010 hollib_castle_falls 011

Jul 06, 2014

Sarah Here!
Wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on Kelsey’s beautiful bridals that we also did at The Philbrook Museum!
Isn’t she lovely?