I dont even know where to begin with this post. Whitney has worked by my side for over a year now and I am SO SO SO grateful for her. Today I was thinking of her and how amazing it is to get to work alongside your best friends and it reminded me of this post. This is my long overdue one year anniversary but-really-its-her-14-month-anniversary post ;)

Whitney was a wedding planner before she came on staff with us as my second shooter. I LOVED that she had a lot of wedding related experience but I loved more that she was really fun to be around, eager to learn photography, loves Jesus, and makes me laugh like no other. It is a lot to give up your Saturdays away from your family to shoot weddings by my side. It is a job that not everyone is cut out for. My first two years in business that job was filled by my husband. I taught him how to shoot in manual and what to be looking for as a second shooter. He got pretty good at it (and on occasion still shoots by my side) but what I found was that my husband loved ME but he didnt love WEDDINGS. Having second shooters that love weddings is a big deal to us. It was convenient to hire my husband on Saturdays but it was more important to me to have someone that really just loves weddings/brides/love and all of the things that go into it. I am so blessed to have found such great people!

Whitney shoots almost all of the images you see of our pretty reception details. It is not really fair for the people that work with me because they literally get zero credit for the work that they do behind the scenes. Yes, the brand is called HolliB but the women that make up this business are truly what make it great. A lot of the beautiful wedding images that you see are only beautiful bc someone has pulled the train out of the dress or fixed a brides hair that was blowing. I cant take all the credit- I am only as good as the people working along with me. They deserve a lot more credit than they get.

Oh Whit…. thank you for bringing me lattes and unsweetened tea with strawberries, photographing the details, carrying my bags, texting me during the week 46 times per day, holding umbrellas, making me laugh until I cry, loving our clients so well, hanging all of the dresses, encouraging me, laughing at my jokes and also taking great photos… you’re my favorite.

I hope you enjoy some behind the scenes photos of my bestie, Whitney…




















It was such an honor to photograph Kent and Kaylas wedding a few weeks ago. I have known Kayla for a long time as she and her family are dear friends of ours. I photographed Kayla’s senior pictures a hundred years ago (it feels like…) and it was so special to watch her marry the man of her dreams! I cannot believe she is all grown up!
As it sometimes does in Oklahoma… it rained on her wedding day. Like a lot. It rained so much that Kayla got her wedding ring FOR FREE because of the BC Clarks “pray for rain” contest that they were a part of. Even though they had to move their lovely garden ceremony indoors it was still perfect in every way. It was sprinkling when Kayla and Kent had their “first look” but we were so happy that they were still up for doing it in the sprinkling rain. Kents face when he saw his bride is my favorite.
We love the colors, the style and the feel of their BIG DAY! Kayla and Kent, we wish you all the happiness in the world! Love you guys!

Venue: Coles Garden OKC
Coordinator: Christin Hill
Flowers: Poppy Lane
Cake: Rosebeary Cakes
Catering: Catering Connections
Dress: Meg Guess Couture
Ceremony Instruments: Oklahoma Strings
Games: EzFunco

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Taylor here again….I told you there would be catching up to do… So I’m working on it! Abbey and Sam were the happiest! They smiled ALL. THE. TIME. We fought the wind quite a bit, but fortunately it settled down towards the end of the night. You guys are adorable.

hollib_okc_wedding_photographer_001 hollib_okc_wedding_photographer_002 hollib_okc_wedding_photographer_003 hollib_okc_wedding_photographer_004 hollib_okc_wedding_photographer_005 hollib_okc_wedding_photographer_006 hollib_okc_wedding_photographer_007I tod

Happy Tuesday, from Taylor! I hope you are enjoyed your snow day yesterday and spent most of it snuggled on the couch, like me and my kiddos!


I’ve got lots of sessions to catch up on from the past month, so get ready!

Meet Cara and Austin! Super excited to show off these two, aren’t they gorgeous? We had a fun time and a beautiful evening that may have been a touch too windy, but we made it work!

Here’s a sneak peak from your engagement session.


hollib_okc_wedding_photographer_001 hollib_okc_wedding_photographer_002 hollib_okc_wedding_photographer_003 hollib_okc_wedding_photographer_004 hollib_okc_wedding_photographer_005 hollib_okc_wedding_photographer_006 hollib_okc_wedding_photographer_007 hollib_okc_wedding_photographer_008 hollib_okc_wedding_photographer_009

Can’t wait for your summer wedding, until then, Happy Planning!

Lauren and Greg were married last weekend at Gaillardia Country club in Oklahoma City. She was planning a lovely fall Oklahoma wedding in late October but the silly weather decided to be almost 90 degrees! Even though it was a bit toasty outside her dream wedding was put on perfectly! We love the classic elegant feel that her wedding portrayed! Our favorite part of the night was when her dad gave his speech. He surprised Lauren by singing her a song he sang to her every night when he tucked her in. It was one of the most touching things I have seen at a wedding! Congratulations Greg and Lauren! Big thank you to the awesome vendors that made this wedding perfect!

Photographer: Holli B. Photography
Coordinator: Leslie Herring Events
Flowers: Allison at Juniper
Cake: Amy Cakes
Church: Our Ladys Cathedral OKC
Reception: Gaillardia Country Club
Dress: J.J. Kelly
Band: Hook with Box Talent
Lighting: IES
Rentals: Mood Party Rentals
Photobooth: SNL Booth

gaillardia wedding hollibphotography002 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography003 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography004 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography005 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography006 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography007 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography009 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography010 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography011 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography012 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography013 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography014 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography015 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography016 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography017 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography018 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography019 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography020 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography021 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography022 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography023 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography024 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography025 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography026 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography027 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography028 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography029 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography030 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography031 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography032 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography033 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography034 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography035 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography036 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography037 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography038 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography039 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography040 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography041 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography042 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography043 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography044 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography045 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography046 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography047 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography048 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography049 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography050 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography051 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography052 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography053 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography054 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography055 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography056 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography057 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography058 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography059 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography060 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography061 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography062 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography063 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography064 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography065 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography066 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography067 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography068 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography069 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography070 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography071 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography072 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography073 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography074 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography075 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography076 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography077 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography078 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography079 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography080 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography081 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography082 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography083 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography084 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography085 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography086 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography087 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography088 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography089 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography090 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography091 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography092 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography093 gaillardia wedding hollibphotography094