I can’t say that I always knew this is what I would be doing…or even how much I would love doing what I now get to call my job. However, when I look back over my story and how I got here it makes so much sense. I may not have known what was going on but man I’m glad the Lord did…

The facts: I lived most of my life in North Carolina. I went to college in the Appalachian mountains for two years trying to figure out how to make something out of all the things I love.. Two years in, the Lord totally hijacked my plan and I ended up on a hip hop dance tour which landed me in Kansas City where I spent 4 and a half amazing years. I took a journey through a discipleship school which changed my life and then came full circle to finish college with a degree in Photography in Kansas City. There are so many fun details that made up this season… people that are a part of the foundations of who I am, classes and professors whose fingerprints are still all over my work now, and memories that make me weep with thankfulness over a God who knows me so well that He would give me the story that is my life.


I was introduced to my husband in 2007 on a double blind date set up by two of our best friends. It was honestly love at first sight and six short months later we were engaged!   It took another 9 months for us to plan our wedding, for me to finish school, and for us to finally live in the same city. My sweet husband Robby is the reason I live in Norman, Oklahoma. And even though I knew little to nothing about it before I met him- I love our life and this town.  There are no words for how much this man has changed my life… how extravagantly he loves me and how thankful I am that the Lord knew me so well as to create Robert Edward Denbow. This is the part of the story that I am in complete shock to get to call my own. My marriage is the thing I feel most called to, and my husband is my earthly joy.

At the beginning of this year we had our first baby boy. Abraham Lee is a miracle and we are overwhelmed with how much we love this little guy. It has changed everything in the very best way imaginable. Such an adventure ahead…abe
My job is an honor. I don’t think I will ever be able to convey the way it feels when I succeed at capturing what words cannot of the spirit inside someone… the thing that makes them so uniquely them. I will never get tired of witnessing whats created when two people love each other, and how different and special each love is… Every time I pick up my camera I hope that the love of Jesus that continues to transform my heart and life, affects everything I see through a lens. saraface

I started shooting weddings while in school in Kansas City, but it wasn’t until Robby and I got married that we created our own “legitimate” photography business. Two years in, Holli and I found each other in our church community and started dreaming over what it would look like to join up. It was an idea born from a desire to love each other well not only in community but also in business… The journey has been remarkable- attempting to create a working world after the values in which we want to do friendship and raise families. It is an unbelievable gift to get to work with women I love. Women that are continually challenging me with the way they live their lives, supporting me in my work, and journeying with me through all the seasons of life.

a few randoms… there isn’t much i love doing more than creating a space and an atmosphere which mostly means in my home. i could spend every waking minute with a buddy and never need space. i live for conversations. i work on a treat system… motivating myself with special drinks and sweets. i am inherently a procrastinator, and find the things i care about most get pushed off till the last minute because i am so afraid to ruin the perfect picture in my head and pressure is the best thing i’ve found to get me over it.  i will never have enough dresses. and i LOVE to sleep… although nearly impossible with a newborn baby ;)