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So we dont really have an “ideal” client.
I actually think the term is kinda dumb to be honest. We want clients that are kind, easy going and fun, and trust us completely with their wedding photography but thats about it! You hear photographers and workshops talk about the term “ideal” client being around a certain age, demographic, income bracket, likes shopping at said place. Ive always thought it was stupid but I digress.
Kirbie and Mark are the kindest. Did I mention that she GAVE me her Kendra Scott necklace at the end of the night because I told her I loved it?! Who does that? Only the most generous of hearts, thats who. I argued with her for awhile but there was no denying she was going to win.
All of that to say… if it involves cows I am pretty sure you are an ideal client for me. I have talked pretty extensively about cows on the blog. They are so weird and fun. Kirbie and Mark booked me over the phone and when they filled out their client questionnaire they mentioned their love of cows and how they wanted to do their session on their family farm. (swoon) The cows were funny (#becausecows) but they played along for a few photos. I LOVE the photos we took in the canoe. They brought a friend along to help with the canoe and I ended up wearing this total strangers muck boots so I could get in the water close enough to photograph them.
Kirbie and Mark… SO excited for your summer wedding at the lovely Southwind Hills!

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Abbey is graduating this year from Purcell High School and we loved how her senior session came out! My associate Taylor photographed Abbey’s sisters senior session a few years ago and we always love having clients come back to us when their other children are graduating! We photographed most of her session at my farm and she got to splash around on the dock my daddy built me for my birthday. I love the natural feel of her session and it would be impossible to take a bad photo of this girl. Thanks for being awesome Abbey!

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Sarah called in a panic this past fall because she found out she was going to have to get braces the following week and needed her senior session ASAP. We could only fit her in for a sunrise session the following day so we got to meet really quick! She wanted a natural look to her session and chose my farm for the locations. I loved all of the images she chose at her ordering session the next week. Good luck to you in the future Sarah!

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