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Weddings are so fun.
I can honestly say that even after 9 years of shooting them they continue to surprise me at the amount of fun they are to be a part of! Each and every bride adds their own little quirky, sentimental, unique, extra details to their big day and it all ends up being different from the next. Here are a few of my favorite things…

+ Biscuits, fried chicken, pot pies… YES please
+ A friend of the brides singing a special song to Laney and her sweet mom
+ Andrew commenting maybe 82 times about how Laney was the prettiest bride that ever walked the earth
+ Knowing several members of the wedding party bc of past or future weddings we are photographing
+ Laneys niece teaching me how to whip, and then also how to nay nay
+ Having a send off with all your friends still around where the confetti is so thick you can hardly walk thru it!

Andrew and Laney, we wish you the absolute best as you start your new journey in a different state! A big thank you to the vendors that made their wedding go off without a hitch!

Coordinator: MacKenzie @ Leslie Herring Events
Flowers: Trochta’s
Cake: Mischelle Handy
Catering: Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club
DJ: M&M Music (Devon)
Videographer: Leslee Leaming


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