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Photographer: Holli B
Coordinator: Haley Spradlin
Flowers: Uptown Grocery
Catering: OU
Dress: The Bridal Boutique
DJ: Nexus Productions
Cake: Brown Egg Bakery
Lighting: Lighting Events Dramatically
Decorations: Carolyn Campbell
Videographer: Dewberry

This wedding couldn’t have wrapped up our August weddings on a better note. The weather of course was HOT but over all, it was a night that will always be remembered. Will and Rachel were so laid back and easy going and had so many supporting and loving guests. The wedding party kept the dancing going until it was time for the bride and groom to leave with a sparkler sendoff. We wish you the best Mr. and Mrs. Will Bryant!

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Mattie and Tyler have been serving as missionaries with Campus Crusade in Ethiopia and Russia. I had the pleasure of meeting Tyler and Mattie’s parents in our consultation while the devoted couple were apart, over seas. During their first look, Tyler and Mattie wrote letters to one another. Both of their parents did a lot of the planning and the detail that went into the wedding was absolutely perfect! We love doing intimate weddings that reflect the fun, loving and laid-back couple. The whole day was sweet and cozy! Their parents were spot on in reflecting that for the bride and groom.

Photographer: HolliB
Wedding coordinator: Aisle Be With You
Flowers: WholeFoods
Catering: Johnny Carinos
Dress: JJ Kelly
Oklahoma Strings
Videographer: Leslee Leaming
Cake: Paddy Cakes
Pies: Sweet Bytes
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