About Us

Hi! I’m Holli, the owner of Holli B. photography.

I have photographed over 300 weddings in the past 12 years. My entire business is built upon really great customer service and beautiful timeless photography. We do not advertise anywhere and word of mouth from happy past clients is the reason our business still exists.  Since trust is a valuable part of what we do most of our wedding clients continue to choose us to document their babies too! Being lifetime photographers is such an honor.  About me pages feel weird so I am going to be real. Weddings are what we love the most and what I have spent my entire career on. I love hearing all about your story, calming your nerves, getting texts throughout the process, meeting up for consultations, wiping sweat or fixing a stray hair on the wedding day, giving your mom a hug when she seems stressed, sending detailed timelines, working with your family for all of the family groupings, and getting your finished photos back to you within record time. Our clients have learned that they can trust us with our creativity, experience, and professionalism and spend their time enjoying their wedding day!  I truly believe that our experience and service is what makes our business special.  Nothing is above me to serve you on your wedding day. It is why I am there. We love sending surprise gifts, sneak peeks of sessions, offer some of the best service around, and finish our time together with breathtaking photos for you to relive the best day of your life over and over.

Over the years I have trained a large team of associate photographers and our team has photographed 60+ weddings every year for the past 8 years. I love having women who help run this business beside me. As our kids have gotten older and my associates started having families of their own, we have downsized quite a bit and we have minimized our lives in all of the ways. We now each only book about 15 wedding clients per year and there are only two main photographers, Holli and Taylor. We choose this amount of weddings to be able to love our families well and offer the best possible service to our clients. Our year books up quickly so contact us today for a consultation!

You can read more about each photographer personally by clicking on our names HOLLI and TAYLOR