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Hamilton Family {2017}

It’s me again! Today is one of my favorite posts, because I get to talk about one of my best friends! I’m sure you remember this family from past blogs, but this is Ashley and he adorable family. I love them. My kiddos love to play with their kiddos and us parents have just as much fun when we are together, so truly this friendship is a win win for everyone involved!  I am so proud to call her my friend. She is the friend that everyone wishes they had; she is so wise and full of grace for her kids and herself. And so so fun, OH SO FUN! I hope you all have a friend like Ashley, I don’t know what I would do without her (and her kiddos to entertain mine!).


Also, boys. They crack me up. This one has quite the personality and I was cracking up at all the funny faces and “outtakes” I had after their session. Of course none of these were true “outtakes” as I had to include them in the family gallery, because this is real life people. And these are the best photos to me.  And of course, he was a total model when he needed to be.

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