Morgan + Brandon : Gaillardia Wedding

Yall. This wedding. The best.
Morgan has been just the kindest soul from the very beginning. She has been a bridesmaid in 3-4 weddings we have done over the years and it was FINALLY her turn to be celebrated! You can totally tell that Morgan is the kind of friend every girl needs as a girlfriend and loves her people so well! When we showed up she had baked us brownies to say thank you before our day had even started! What bride bakes before her wedding day for her photographers?!
We were SO glad to be able to have a ton of time before and after the ceremony to get amazing photos of Brandon and Morgan together! Some of the sunset photos at Gaillardia took my breath away and I am so honored to give them to Morgan and Brandon to enjoy for years to come! You guys deserve a lifetime of love and happiness! Thanks for being awesome!
Morgan and her dear sweet family have been just the BEST to work with! They hired me to shoot their grown family session this past fall and I loved getting to meet them all before the wedding and capture their family of four before they married off their daughter! We also loved seeing so many past brides and getting to catch up with their lives! In fact, three of the bridesmaids (out of 4) were past brides… how fun is that?!
Big thank you to some of our absolute favorite vendors! We love this team of oklahoma wedding professionals!

Photographer: HolliB
Ceremony: Crossings Community Church
Reception: Gaillardia Country Club
Flowers: Poppy Lane
Catering: Gaillardia
Planner: Leslie Herring Events
Band: Box Talent – Hook
Music: Oklahoma Strings Quartet
Cake: Mischelle Handy
Videographer: Leslee Layton Films
Hair & Makeup: Lexi Faught
Invitations: Paper N’ More
Lighting: IES
Rentals: Marianne’s

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