Luke + Makenzie

Luke and Makenzie are getting married in just a few short weeks at the always awesome Southwind Hills wedding venue here in Goldsby. I was a little nervous about doing Luke and Makenzie’s engagement in the dead of winter but we didnt have much of a choice with their wedding being in March. Most all of our favorite locations have some sort of nature involved and this time of year in Oklahoma is not the prettiest. HOWEVER… I absolutely loved how their engagement session turned out. Luke and Makenzie are naturals in front of the camera (in fact they have both done some modeling) and with each other. They were so easy to photograph and a joy to spend the evening with!

*funny story… I didnt realize that Makenzie Muse was Miss Oklahoma 2013 until today! Someone texted me and asked if she was Miss Oklahoma and I looked it up and sure enough… they had told me she had “done some modeling” but omg they did not tell me this!

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