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Ashley Bridals {oklahoma bridal session}

Taylor here on this beautiful Tuesday morning, with some of my favorite bridals. Ashley and Braden were married just this past Saturday and I have been dying to post her bridals. Ashley requested shooting her bridals at Castle Falls, since that was where the wedding is going to be. The evening was perfect, lighting was gorgeous and the location was ours to explore. We had a great time and I was blown away by how fabulous Ashley looked. She was stunning and I am obsessed with how these photos turned out. Thanks for trusting me and letting me play in a new location Ashley.

hollib_castle_falls 001 hollib_castle_falls 002 hollib_castle_falls 003 hollib_castle_falls 005 hollib_castle_falls 004  hollib_castle_falls 006 hollib_castle_falls 007 hollib_castle_falls 008 hollib_castle_falls 009 hollib_castle_falls 010 hollib_castle_falls 011

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