Heather + Phil : Oklahoma Farmers Market Wedding

Heather and Phil were married last weekend at the Farmer’s Market! It was such a beautiful wedding. Heather and Phil are such a fun couple. They are both orthodontists, but are so goofy and so in love. It was fun to see all of the personal touches that Heather handmade, from the napkin “bowties” to their personal vows to their coordinated first dance. They put so much thought into each part of their special day. And these two definitely know how to throw a party. Their reception was complete with a choreographed  first dance, karaoke, dance offs, multiple bouquet tosses and sunglasses for all their guests to party in style.  I don’t know that I have ever seen a candy buffet disappear as quickly as I did at this wedding. Thanks again for letting me a part of your wedding, enjoy your honeymoon!

Phtographer: Taylor at Hollib.com
Venue: Oklahoma City Farmer’s Market
Coordinater: Betsy King with the Oklahoma City Farmer’s Market
Makeup: Deandrea Daniels with Elegantly Finished Faces
DJ: BTP Productions
Catering: Johnny Carino’s
Dress: Pomp & Pageantry
Cakes: Cakes by Jen
Flowers: Rebecca’s Silver Rose

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