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Nicole and Robert {Engaged}

Hi! Taylor here… wanting to introduce you to my friends Nicole and Robert. I have known Nicole since she was a sophomore in high school, which was about 7 years ago! Crazy. And I’ve known Robert for about 5 or so years?  I am not exactly sure, but it’s been a while. I knew them separately and then watched as they started to date and fall in love. I always enjoyed hearing Nicole talk about Robert and watching from a distance as Robert pursued my sweet friend. I love that they love each other and I enjoy watching them together, because they just love being around each other. I am so honored to be a bridesmaid in their wedding this fall. It really is going to be a beautiful wedding. And since I clearly can’t photograph their wedding, Holli will be doing all the hard work! But I was able to shoot their engagement pictures, which was truly fun, because they just made each other laugh and just had fun being together, nevermind that their friend/photographer was following them :)













  • May 20, 2013 - 12:30 pm

    Stacie - Beautifully done, Taylor! Love these two!

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