Meet Taylor. She is awesome.

I have been meaning to blog about this for about 3 months now. Meet the newest Holli B. Photography employee… Taylor…

If you are a old school blog follower you will remember several blog posts related to Taylor and her weekend wedding extravaganza. I photographed her wedding last June and we became inseparable somewhere along the way.

I really cannot believe that we met for the first time at our consultation and now we are this good of friends. Taylor, was one of my first brides to COMPLETELY trust me. I have gotten MUCH better at coaching brides to do unique or out of the ordinary things but Taylor was the first bride to say “do whatever you want with us”- so I took them to a field and the field obsession began. Anyway, as you know I have been looking to hire someone part-time for awhile now to help with several different areas of my business. Taylor was a great fit for many reasons.
#1 being- She is awesome.
#2 She is a recent bride (so she LOVES weddings, is full of wedding related advice, and loves me :)
#3 She works at an awesome graphic design company, Old Hat Creative, and we are quickly becoming good business friends
#4 She attends my church/ d-group so we get to hang out multiple times per week.
#5 Her hubby is just as cool as she is.
#6 They dont have kids, meaning they love ours and have lots of spare time!
#7 She will take pictures ANYWHERE.
#8 Its really great to have someone young, hip, and newly married to bounce ideas off of as well. For example, Taylor LOVES sepia tones. I hardly EVER use sepia toning but she told me she loves it and this was one of her favorite images….
first time to use my funky green flower chairs…

I wont continue with her greatness….
Her job requirements will include designing all of my albums (YEAH!), assisting me at some weddings, designing any and all types of press products (save the date cards, baby and senior announcements, guest books, Christmas cards etc) editing, periodically blogging, loving my children as her own, and laughing at all my jokes. In return she gets to have a lifetime of free photography from yours truly. JK, I am really paying her. Free photography is a perk :) You can contact her at
Taylor, I cannot imagine my life without you in it. Thanks for ALL that you do.
I had a couple of people send me their resume for my part time job opening- thank you! I will keep them on file!